There is a place she likes to go…to be.
A place that is still, never changing;
Raw and some what fading.
She knows herself (here),
Doesn’t doubt herself (here),
Even loves herself (here)…
The mind is kind (here),
Love is blind (here),
The ELEMENTS align here.
Breath and water, sand and sky;
Rain starts to fall and
Tout devient magique, et c’est magique.
Even the stars relax (here),
The wind takes naps (here),
The ocean sips wine (here).
There is a place she likes to go…

This Collection was about finding roots. Somewhere to plant your feet, and feel something real. Timeless colors and styles, inspired by the Elements – Water, Wind, Earth and Fire. The blue hues of the deepest ocean water, to the rich fertile soil that grows life from the earth. From the rich color of the ginger blossom, to druzy quartz that are gifts from the land. I wanted to create a place, an environment, for you to just “be.” The Elements can be subtle, but they can also be fierce…much like a woman. In this Collection I wanted to design a wardrobe for you to be subtle, yet fierce as you tell your S.TORY of where you’ve been, and most importantly…of where you are going.

We hope you enjoy the Elements Collection as much as we do. Mahalo nui for stopping by.

Aloha, Sandra.

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We first met photographer, Simone Komine, via email. She reached out, with a short and sweet message and a link to her work. Her style is dreamy, romantic and edgy all at the same time.

She explained to us once that her goal is to not just capture the model, it’s to capture the whole story.

We were sold. And with a name like, Simone, how could she not be a rad chick? Since then, we’ve worked with Simone numerous times, and loving every minute of it. She’s motivated, and she’s willing to hustle. Something that a lot of people seem to miss these days. Her S.TORY is one of dreams, and she’s chasing those dreams, one snap at a time.  We had a few questions for this new up and coming photographer, and here’s what she had to say…

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